in which geneva tumbles with weight

I'm Geneva. Female. Out of shape and out of touch. 25. 5'8. 225lbs.

The last five years have been a very difficult time in my life and the 80 lbs of fat I put on is only a fraction of the weight. The struggle has been a constant up and down. I started this little blog in 2010. Fell off the face of the earth and ate. A lot. Now I am back. Mistakes have been made. Lessons have been learned. Still here to share all of it. The good, the bad, and the surgary.

Here we go. Again. Always.

RIght now, one day at a time.


I am seriously considering a carb up day. I’ve been staying under 20 carbs the last month and I’m wondering if a carb day might help me jump forward a bit. But I am super apprehensive about it. Every time I consider it, I feel quite a bit of anxiety. Should I wait it out some more or take the day and carb feeding and resume keto afterwards? Mostly I feel paranoid. Or maybe that I will inherently be failing the day I go over my targeted carb intake. But at the same time, it would be a controlled, scheduled day and an experiment to see what the benefits of a carb up day might be on my keto journey. BUT IT MAKES ME NERVOUS. Bah! I don’t know.